This is my latest effort. I picked up the bamboo slat and Osage board from Mystyk longbows at the GLLI in the summer of 2001. I acquired the walnut handle piece from some board stock my uncle had after cutting some trees in his barnyard. The pieces were glued up with URAC 185 in a reflex/deflex pattern using instructions from Dean Torges' video "Hunting the Bamboo Backed Bow".

This bow is 56# @27" and from the first few shots during final tillering its been an excellent shooter. I almost named it "Minwax" after the many failed attempts to get the finish just right but instead named it "P.T.C" after the mantra: Point the bow, Tuck the head, Concentrate on the shot. Hopefully I look at the bows name before Ole Mossy Horns walks by next fall.