This was my first attempt at bowyery. I picked up the the Osage stave at the 2000 GLLI along with a copy of Dean Torges' "Hunting the Osage Bow". Its amazing that this bow is still together as the next 4 or 5 I tried after this one were splinter bombs.

The shoots pretty well but finshed out a little too light for me. I re-worked the bow down to a wieght so my wife can now shoot it. Thats ironic since she named the bow long before it was ever completed. "That Damn Bow" seemed to be an appropriate name since thats what she said when remarking on the amount of time I spent on it.

This bow pulls 40# @20".

Here are some pictures of an Osage tree like the one that this bow came from:

Osage Tree #1
Osage Tree #2
Osage Tree #3