Remington 870 Wingmaster slug gun

I thought I would put down some thoughts about a Remington 870 Wingmaster with a smooth slug barrel I recently aquired. This was the prototypical slug gun until the rifled barrels and sabots came on the scene.

The gun came with a 4x scope attached to the reciever with high mount rings screwed and epoxied. I don't know why anyone would want a setup like that. Unless you have a long face like John Kerry there is no way to keep your cheek on the stock and line up your eyball with the scope. I figured this is short- range weapon and the iron sights are adjustable and high quality so I heated up the "mounts" enough to get the screws out and removed the scope.

I haven't done a lot of testing with this gun and I don't really plan on using it much. Maybe in the rain or as a backup. It would be ideal for driving deer when your going to have close, moving shots.

The only range testing I did with this gun was encouraging. At 50 yards I shot a 3" group with Winchester Super-X rifled slugs. At 15 yards off hand I was able to do about the same. Thats plenty of accuracy for a 50 yard deer gun and a lot cheaper to shoot rifled slugs than sabots. Hard to imagine all the time and effort put into get another 50-75 yards from the rifled barrels and sabots when most of my shots are within 50 yards anyway.