Shotgun Slugs for Deer Hunting

Marlin 512
Browning A-Bolt Gold
Remington 870 smooth barrel

Ballistics and Trajectory Tables

All of my ballistic information was created by the freeware program PCB. This program is available for download all over the net. I think its about 10 years old but it still does everything you need.

Winchester Supreme Partition Gold Sabots
Winchester Super-X Rifled Slugs
Federal Premium Sabots
Lightfield Hybred EXP
Lightfield 3" Hybred EXP


Slug Article from American Hunter(good slug pics, - 2005)
Slug article from
Remington Buckhammer Slugs
Slug gun article - Compares Marlin and Browning
Download the PCB Ballistics program
Tar-Hunt and Lightfield slugs

Random Notes

1 oz = 437.5 grains

Rifling twist rates:
- Browning A-Bolt Gold
  - 1 in 32
- Marlin 512
  - 1 in 28
- Savage 210F
  - 1 in 35
- Mossberg
  - 1 in 34
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